Driveway sealcoating in Portland, Oregon

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Portland endures a fair share of cold and wet weather conditions throughout the year. There’s a decent chance your driveway could benefit from extra care after being pelted with harsh winter storms. You can provide your driveway with new life by calling up on the assistance of our dedicated driveway sealing contractors.

Though we specialize in asphalt, our Portland, Oregon driveway paving contractors are experienced with many types of driveway surfaces, including concrete, stone, and others. Our experts completely understand how environmental elements affect different surfaces, and what chemicals and sealants should be used to treat them.  

A visit to most hardware stores reveals many sealing products. Perhaps you may have tried sealing your driveway on your own, or you’re thinking about taking on the work. Do your driveway a huge favor and allow  a certified professional to take care of your driveway sealing project. You will be much happier and well rested in the end.

Our fully licensed and insured contractors have the training, modern tools, and steady skill to rejuvenate a drab-looking driveway. We also have the materials to repair deep driveway cracks during the process of sealing.

If you are concerned that hiring a pro to seal your driveway will be expensive, the work is affordable and our local company offers low-cost rates. You can expect to be charged a few hundred dollars to seal a two-car driveway.

That being said, no two driveways are the same. If your driveway has suffered immense wear and tear, it may cost a little more to treat. If needed, we deliver repairs to major cracks and replace the pavement if repairing isn’t possible.

We encourage you to contact us today for a free estimate and honest evaluation of your asphalt or cement driveway.

How often should your asphalt driveway be sealed?

Perhaps you have wondered how often your driveway surface should be resealed. In most instances, five years between sealing will do the job. Of course, this timetable can change depending on how often we have severe conditions.

It might seem obvious, but the easiest way to determine if time has come for resealing is to simply look at the driveway. If you notice a web of small cracks or large cracks, it’s probably time for a professional assessment

It’s important to remember that regular driveway sealings help preserve and extend the life of your asphalt driveway. Consider the cost to replace a total driveway because it did not receive proper maintenance. Given that expense, there is no denying the value of routine sealcoating and repairs.

When planning ahead to have your driveway sealed, keep in mind the time it takes. The coating must be applied in dry weather conditions where the temperature remains at 55 degrees and above. In most cases, you will not be able to use a driveway for at least 36 hours after a reseal.

We understand many driveway paving companies in the Portland, OR region eager to assist you. Our goal is to deliver outstanding quality at affordable rates. Our team excels in all aspects of driveway sealing, repair, and pavement installation and replacement.

Our local, family-owned business has a long history of providing paving services that meet the needs, tastes, and budgets of our loyal customers. You can trust us with your driveway!

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