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The most common question that is always asked when it comes to interlocking driveway is why would anyone desire it when you can have asphalt or concrete instead? Every material has its benefits, however the authentic beauty of paving is in interlocking! That is correct. You can see listed below the 6 advantages of interlocking:

Quick and Easy: It is beautiful, excellent on the environment and it does not impact traffic.

Extremely Durable: Interlocking is frequently known to be resistant to pressure, scratches, cracks in addition to it is unbreakable. These advantages alone significantly extend the toughness in the long run of the road in addition to increase the visual appeals and security.

Immediately Usable: We indicate immediate! When the bottom layer is paved with fine sand, the bricks are laid down and it is ready to be rolled on. There is definitely no waiting time compared to other products like asphalt and concrete.

Low-cost Maintenance: If at any point any sort of maintenance is needed like a replacement of among the interlocking bricks, anyone can do it. It is that simple!

Terrific Friction Per Cube Surface: There is no issue with the slippery surface with Interlocks when there is any sort of rain or rainstorm.

Brick and Style Type Choices: There is a huge selection to select from when it comes to brick types and what patterns you wish to use. This is where your creativity can actually shine..

Extremely practical: Interlocks can be laid down in every location you can consider from car park to driveways, narrow or wide paths and school car park, and lots of tourist attraction locations for simple beauty. There isn’t a better option to make than the flexibility in Interlocking.

The Process of Interlocking

If you have ever wondered how anyone produced any sort of pattern or how precisely they happened that style? We will show you how it is done and where all this begins, where it ends. Here is the breakdown of the seven actions to beautiful interlace paving.

Leveling the Surface Area: 

This is done by utilizing a vibrator roller to compact the ground. You need to set a lining of sand. The thicker you lay it down, the bigger the location that requires to be selected. However, it is not advised to exceed the density of the interlink when laying down the sand. The correct size needs to be in between 5 to 8 millimeters.

Sweeping the Sand: 

This action requires your attention. In order to get the laying procedure smooth, you need to guarantee the lining sand is as flat as possible.

Lining Horizontally: 

A genuine professional can just eyeball the four areas of the paving location in addition to both diagonals. Like most of us we are not at that level yet and should take our time and be careful to attain greatness.

Laying down the Bricks: 

There is no written law that states you require to begin with point X and build from there. When laying down the bricks, you must begin to form the inner location and build outwards. What requires to be done so the sand you have actually laid does not get ruined, is step on the bricks you have actually already set out and keep doing that throughout the whole build or development procedure.

Lining Up the Lines Horizontally: 

Any time you set bricks or slabs, most of the time they will be unparallel. You can fix that issue easily by utilizing a flat screwdriver in between the gaps so that all the bricks line up properly. The majority of knowledgeable bricklayers do not always require to do this procedure as they have actually done it many times throughout the years and can almost do it with their eyes closed: Although no one does that!


This procedure or action requires you to apply dry sand on interlocks that you have actually simply laid down. You spray it uniformly around the whole location. An essential note to make here on your own is to make sure your sand is always dry and that it is fine sand. Anything beyond this suggestion will not complete the gaps of the interlocks properly. When this procedure has been finished, this is where you pass your vibrating roller over two to three times so the sand gets all the way into the gaps.

Final Touch-ups: 

Grab a big broom, sweep off any sand that is left on top of the bricks or slabs and you are all done! Take a step back and appreciate your development and all your effort.

This is all appropriate to various highways or even pothole repair work.

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