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Driveway Paving Project

Who likes to see craters on a well-paved road? Nobody! Potholes can reduce the appearance and worth of your residential or commercial property but most significantly it is a security concern for road users. 

Among our group professionals will check every pothole they discover to examine and provide the best treatment for each one.

Heavy automobiles, water, flaws in building, and extreme traffic cause craters to form with time. 

It will start off as low as a crack in the pavement and overtime if ignored, it will worsen to the point a pothole will form. In many cases, a great deal of the craters we see around us every day are triggered by poor repair done at some time. 

The much deeper the pothole or crater that is formed, the more damage it will trigger making it unsafe and jeopardizing the stability of the road..

If craters are not given instant attention by having them fixed, more problems will develop by possibly triggering accidents and damage to the trucks when they drive over the craters. 

When you require the job done right and these holes filled correctly, call us today to get a FREE no-hassle quote!.

No matter the size or shape of the craters around you, the repair is the same for all shapes and sizes. We start by managing the traffic circulation with devices such as barricades, cones, and indications. 

We then mark the area in a rectangular shape that requires to be fixed, cutting out that area that requires replacing utilizing a Jack Hammer and pickaxe. 

We then proceed to clear out the hole utilizing an air compressor and get it all set for adding which is also known as glue matter. 

We then fill it with the premix and compact that combine with a vibrating roller too utilizing a rake. 

As soon as that is completed put a yellow pavement marking all that is left for the group to do is tidy up, pack up everything, and head on out.

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