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We have been in the industry for decades. Our crew possesses the expertise and knowledge to take on any size residential or commercial paving project you may have. 

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PDX Driveway Paving is a top-rated driveway contractor company based in Hillsdale, Oregon. We specialize in concrete and asphalt driveway services, providing our clients with durable, long-lasting solutions for their properties.

With years of experience in the industry, our team of skilled professionals has the expertise and knowledge to handle any project, big or small. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, always going above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs.

We offer a range of other paving and maintenance services, such as crack sealing and pothole filling. Our team uses only the best materials, equipment, and techniques to ensure the longevity and beauty of your driveway.

Whether you are looking to install a brand-new driveway or repair an existing one, our driveway contractors are here to help. From small residential driveways to large commercial parking lots, we can tackle it all

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Hillsdale Asphalt & Concrete Driveway Paving Service

Our Hillsdale contractors {deliver|provide the following services and many others”

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The different types of driveway paving materials:

Here is a description of each of the most typical types of driveway options.

Gravel Driveway:

Gravel is the most affordable kind of driveway but can likewise be the longest enduring. Because of this, it is a perfect option for smaller sized homes that are not most likely to see excessive traffic circulation. Gravel is composed of private gravels that are assembled to develop a solid surface..

The benefit of using gravel is that you can personalize it to make it as slim or as deep as you like. If you are choosing a low-budget choice for your driveway, then this might be a good choice for you.

Asphalt Driveway:

Asphalt is a typical option for brand-new homes and for commercial buildings. Since asphalt is a very durable and fire-resistant material, it can be used on any kind of exterior and is highly suggested for driveway paving..

Asphalt is a fantastic material to utilize since it is extremely economical and flexible in terms of pricing. Another advantage of using asphalt is that it is non-penetrable which is a substantial plus when choosing what kind of driveway to have actually set up.

Concrete Driveway:

This is a fantastic choice if you can not decide in between concrete and asphalt. Concrete is made up of cement and rocks that are assembled to develop a solid and tough surface. This kind of driveway is highly resistant to spots and other possible problems such as fractures..

Since it is made of concrete, you will have little to fret about water damage to your concrete driveway. It can likewise be fixed or replaced with the least amount of problem, which is one of its most significant benefits.

When choosing a driveway, you ought to always base your decision on your requirements and spending plan. If you are searching for a basic driveway, then asphalt might be your best option..

However, if you require to cover an expansive location, concrete may be a more suitable material. You ought to consider your spending plan and your individual choice before making a decision.

Concrete can have a very appealing look. If you are going for a modern style, concrete can be the ideal material.

If you desire a pavement that is more flexible, concrete is excellent. It can be cut to any shape you require and can be sealed to secure it from chemicals. Asphalt is likewise offered in varying densities which enables you to pick the level of versatility you require.

When you are choosing in between concrete and asphalt for your driveway, you require to think about the size of your driveway and what you will be utilizing it for..

If you require a smaller sized entryway for your vehicle, you can pick a thinner kind of driveway. On the other hand, if you are searching for a larger driveway entryway and you have a larger lorry, you might go with asphalt..

The majority of people will discover that they prefer the appearance and expense benefits of concrete over asphalt.

Driveway Paving Project

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving locations have numerous benefits. Paved locations are low-cost and can be tailored with any style or look you desire..

They are strong and long lasting and will hold up well to lorry traffic and weather condition. The top 5 benefits of asphalt paving are:.

Long lasting.

Let’s check out these benefits.

There are numerous reasons that asphalt paved surfaces are so popular. First, asphalt is incredibly long lasting and can manage times of snow, rain, or heat..

The asphalt material it is constructed out of is extremely flexible and tough.

Now that you have actually decided to do something about your weakening driveway, asphalt will be your option for the best paving service..

It’s easy to see why asphalt paving has actually become the most popular choice for brand-new structures..

The many uses of asphalt:.

It is likewise used in the building and construction of numerous parking lots, museums, hospitals, and other places where a parking lot would otherwise be used..

In fact, asphalt is commonly used in public places since it’s so low-cost. Plus, asphalt is extremely long lasting and can endure extremely cold temperatures and severe quantities of rainfall.

In addition to adding more usable space to a structure, asphalt is likewise known for its looks..

Because of its natural appearance, asphalt is a popular option for outdoor patios and sidewalks. Plus, its non-slip nature means that it’s great for outside structures.

With the different benefits of asphalt, it’s easy to see why it’s quickly acquiring appeal as the most affordable and appealing paving material..

Plus, asphalt’s versatility is one of its most significant benefits. Asphalt is extremely easy to shape into the ideal paver.

In conclusion, you now comprehend why a lot of developers are choosing asphalt over traditional paving materials.

The price of asphalt is likewise appealing. They’re much less expensive than other materials. Likewise, asphalt is made by crushing smaller sized rocks (including clay and limestone) together at temps.

This procedure leaves the resulting product with superior durability, and the end outcome is an extremely gorgeous, waterproof, and strong paving surface.

Another advantage of asphalt is that it is fire-resistant. Asphalt will hold up versus flames and keep your investment safe..

Asphalt does not dent or break and its surface does not deteriorate like other materials.

When choosing asphalt paving, consider your spending plan and the design of your task.

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New Concrete Driveway in Portland

Concrete paving

When considering concrete paving and related tasks, there are numerous benefits to be obtained. 

First off, concrete paving innovation is one of the most sophisticated tools offered for any contractor..

This sophisticated technology makes concrete paving more long lasting, simpler, much faster, and more powerful than ever before.

With developments in materials and finishes that can endure harsher conditions, concrete pavement has the ability to endure harsh weather condition and conditions..

This means that your paving task can endure rainstorms or severe heat, both of which can cause fractures and other types of damage..

In addition, as discussed above, this low-maintenance choice can make your investment last a lot longer.

Leading benefits of concrete:

Another top benefit is that it can supply you with low upkeep. Concrete pavement is entirely self-maintaining as it does not require routine upkeep.

Yet another benefit includes the truth that concrete is highly customizable. You have a wide range of alternatives when picking what kind of concrete you wish to utilize for your task..

In addition, our paving business can assist you pick the best color, style, and design so that your task is really one of a kind..

You have complete control over how your pavement will look and will last. This is since concrete can quickly be stamped into the ideal pattern and color to match your environments..

You can choose from countless different patterns, colors, and textures to match any design idea and stay within your spending plan.

The 3rd benefit is expense. With most paving tasks, the initial expense can typically be high..

However, if you employ our professional business to manage all of the different jobs included with paving your driveway, it can assist you conserve cash in the long run.

One of the most crucial benefits to concrete paving is that it is upkeep free..

Unlike numerous other types of pavement, concrete is essentially upkeep free.

The setup procedure is likewise quicker than traditional paving methods. 

It can assist you finish the job much faster and prevent expensive overtime costs..

The expense of employing our professional paving business is likewise cheaper than alternative methods, which can conserve you a great deal of time and effort..

You can likewise expect your driveway to stay properly preserved for several years to come.

By merely consulting with one of our paving specialists, you can learn more about all of the many benefits this kind of paving product needs to provide you.

Our crew of highly skilled paving contractors will supply you with a no-cost no-obligation estimate. 

A Sampling Of Our Driveway Pavement Projects

Completed Blacktop Sealed Asphalt Driveway
A Completed Residential Driveway Project
Residential Asphalt Project

Seal Coating

Asphalt Sealcoating by a worker with a sprayer

The benefits of asphalt seal covering for driveways are quite many. It is waterproof, long lasting, and low-cost. It likewise supplies exceptional chemical resistance and exceptional appearance..

However one of the benefits of using this kind of coating is that it can likewise improve the look of your home. Here are some reasons that you ought to consider this on your next remodel.

UV Protection:

The majority of asphalt driveways get damaged by ultraviolet rays from the sun. These rays can cause little fractures in your driveway. This will not only look unsightly but will likewise cause your brand-new driveway to look old. You will require an asphalt seal coat.

Low Labor Fees:

You might not consider it but your brand-new driveways can be better than your old ones. If you apply a good seal coat on your driveways, then you will get better outcomes than the other alternatives offered. It will conserve you a lot of cash in upkeep also.

Easy Maintenance:

The best way to keep your driveway’s appearing like brand-new is to regularly keeping them. This will keep your driveways appearing like brand-new for a longer time period.

Quicker Response Time:

There are numerous benefits of using a sealer on your asphalt driveway such as its faster action time. This means that it can seal little fractures quickly which will decrease the amount of labor required to repair little fractures..

This is likewise useful in avoiding little fractures and erosion from taking place on the surface of your asphalt.

Effective Parking Lot Repairs:

The use of an asphalt seal coating will prevent water from leaking into fractures on asphalt driveways thereby making it simpler for you to do little repairs on your driveway without spending a lot of cash..

In addition to this, you will have the ability to fix fractures in a faster way since asphalt sealcoating repairs will be more effective. These are just a few of the benefits of asphalt seal covering for driveways.

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Driveway Crack Repairs

Driveway Crack Repair by a worker with sealcoating tool

The benefits of asphalt crack repair are great.

First, it is highly beneficial, cost effective, and it does not waste any time in repairing damages on your driveway.

Second, asphalt crack repair decreases the requirement for further damage control procedures.

Third, asphalt crack repair prevents the requirement for extensive excavation of your driveway.

So how precisely does asphalt crack repair serve you? In most cases, a layer of asphalt sealer is applied to a harmed surface and that’s as far as it goes.

Serious damages though typically require complete repaving of the highway. The good news is that asphalt is already the very best service if you want to lessen damage brought on by pits or water logging due to its capability to expand and contract depending upon the surrounding weather conditions.

There are some instances however, where the damage is not that extreme and you still want to get your asphalt crack fixed. Our professional asphalt crack repair business has the appropriate equipment and know how to repair it correctly the very first time!

One of the main benefits of asphalt crack repair is that it can conserve you a lot of cash. Since we always recommend not doing the repairs yourself, having actually a repair provided for you can assist you conserve a lot of cash.

The only thing you require to do to gain from these repairs is to have your asphalt fixed as soon as possible. This can cause worse damages and even cause more problems instead of fixing your existing ones..

Ensure you set up a visit with one of our specialists as soon as possible to finish the job right.

While there are numerous other methods of resolving your driveway crack problems, there are some benefits of fixing it with asphalt. These benefits include conserving a lot of cash, and avoiding more damage to your driveway in the long run..

By using the best materials and choosing our trustworthy specialists, you can get the very best outcomes for your driveway in no time. Call us today before it is far too late.

Why paving your driveway Hillsdale, Oregon is important

If you are considering adding a brand-new pathway, driveway, or patio to your home or company, you may be questioning why you ought to pick our Portland driveway paving business over a do-it-yourself alternatives..

After all, a gravel driveway is cheaper and quicker to set up than a paved surface.

The first factor is that it can help in reducing erosion. Asphalt and concrete driveways, as compared to gravel, have a much better drainage system that allows them to hold overflow from rain and melting snow.

Another factor to employ our certified paving specialists for your task is that we can carry out the task more efficiently. The typical DIY task requires a great deal of time and energy. A paving team can complete the job in a shorter amount of time and at a much lower expense.

Paving your driveway offers you the chance to improve the aesthetic appearance of your home. The majority of property owners prefer the aesthetic benefits of having their driveway or patio resurfaced by an expert contractor instead of doing it themselves..

Even if you are experienced in DIY home improvement jobs, an expert paving business will have the necessary skills and proficiency to develop a gorgeous surface while utilizing the least amount of materials and creating a durable surface that will be easy to keep.

The procedure of laying asphalt or concrete, along with the subsequent repair and maintenance, are time consuming. A properly poured driveway supplies ease of gain access to and movement for cars and individuals, while likewise decreasing the threat of injury from traffic.

Why should you pave your Hillsdale private drive?

Our experienced specialists will ask you numerous questions before advising a paving approach, size, and expense for your task. A qualified paver contractor will consider your individual preferences in color design, texture, width, and length..

We will invest a lot of time with you discussing your wants and requires.

The pavers we work with can recommend a number of different pricing alternatives that will fit your spending plan. There are a number of elements to think about when pricing your task including material costs, shipment times, and setup charges. Why not call our Hillsdale, Oregon staff today to learn more?

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